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Resilient vinyl flooring

Resilient vinyl flooring is one of the most simple, yet beautiful, flooring options. It is relatively affordable and easy to install. Vinyl is available in many styles at The Carpet Man in Indianapolis. Customers can find easy home improvement solutions at low prices. Our high-quality merchandise and professional installation work combine for the perfect results. Your home will be beautiful and your floors will last for years. We serve customers by performing licensed and insured installations. We help them learn about their manufacturer warranties to ensure the best value. Customer service and a higher standard of work have made us the top choice for decades.

How is vinyl made?

Vinyl flooring is made up of different layers that each serve their own purpose. There is a vinyl core with a backing of felt or fiberglass. Then there is a printed “designer” layer, which is the part of the floor that is visible. The final layer is translucent vinyl and is called the “wear” layer. This is the part that you will be walking on. All of these layers are bound together using heat and pressure. The result is a slightly flexible, but strong material that can be used as residential or commercial flooring.

What special features does vinyl have?

One of the most fascinating things about vinyl flooring is that the surface can be used to create different textures. The engraving method to create these textures is called the “rotogravure” process. Using this method, manufacturers can mimic the feeling of natural stone, hardwood, and ceramic tile. This offers a more affordable alternative to expensive luxury floor coverings. But vinyl has other great benefits, too:

  • Strong wear layer -Scratches and dents are not a problem for vinyl. Its hard wear layer can resist a number of different wear factors that occur around the house. The sunlight will not fade the colors near open windows. Water is not harmful to this flooring as long as it is not left standing for too long. Heat and cold are not a worry, making it possible to install vinyl in a variety of climates. With regular use, vinyl has been approved for both commercial and residential use.
  • Easy installation - Whether you choose sheet or tile vinyl, it is not hard to install this resilient flooring. With sheet vinyl, you can simply unroll the material over a layer of subflooring and attach it. If you choose to use sheet vinyl, you will have to cut some areas because the rolls only come in two sizes. Vinyl tiles offer more flexibility because they are offered in different sizes and are installed in a grid.
  • Affordable prices - Not only is vinyl more affordable per square foot, but it is also more affordable over its lifespan. Hardwood flooring requires sanding and refinishing to keep it in good shape. Carpets need professional cleaning to remove stains and odors, even with routine vacuuming. Natural stone needs to be resealed periodically so that moisture and spills do not damage it. Vinyl does not require any of these things and can be maintained day to day with ease. All you need to do is use a broom to keep the surface clear of abrasive particles and clean up wet messes as soon as possible.

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