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Carpet binding and serging services offered by The Carpet Man in Indianapolis, IN

Carpet Binding and Serging Service

What is carpet binding?

Many homeowners in Greenfield, Fortville, and Carmel Fishers Geist will seek affordable ways to improve their homes. For some, this means buying new furniture. For others, it means turning their attention to the state of their floors or floor coverings. If you are a local homeowner interested in carpet binding or serging services for your carpeting, then you'll want to hire a knowledgeable professional that is highly skilled in this field. That is where The Carpet Man steps in. You want a professional that will deliver you the quality customization results you want for your carpet, with fast service and an affordable low price. If you're not familiar with carpet binding and carpet serging, we'll explain below exactly what these two carpet services can do for your carpet(s) and their differences.

Do you have extra carpet or material for carpet binding?

Carpet Binding: Carpet binding is a process used by carpet professionals to extend the life of your carpeting, making it last a lifetime by binding the edges of your carpet. When binding a carpet, a special tape (typically a special polyester or cotton tape) is then applied to the edges of the carpeting and sewn on with a high-powered sewing machine. It sounds quite simple, but this is a process that's better left to the professional, guaranteeing a quality customized finish. Your carpet specialist will match this special tape precisely to the color of your carpeting and finish it off with their expert skill of binding. Carpet binding eliminates existing fraying and prevents future fraying. When choosing a color, you can choose something subtle that blends or you can choose a color that really accents your carpeting.

Some people choose to do a DIY job (do it yourself), by binding and serging their own carpeting, but this is not a recommended practice. Some things are just better left to the professionals. If you're going to do something, you should do it right the first time to avoid costly repairs and replacements later. Choosing to go with a professional from The Carpet Man saves you frustration, time, and money.

Professional carpet binding and serging services are a cost-effective way to finish off your carpets or to even just fix problems with existing fraying carpeting. Professionals are able to improve even the most difficult of carpets, by making repairs and then preventing future fraying. Why throw it out when you can have it repaired? With The Carpet Man's professional carpet binding and serging services, you're guaranteed quality customization and precision services for your carpeting, by highly skilled crafted experts at an affordable and very low price! We are now accepting requests for service now in the Greenfield, Fortville, and Carmel Fishers Geist areas.

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