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In-home measurements services offered by The Carpet Man in Indianapolis, IN

In-Home Measurements

Start with a free in-home measurement

Many homeowners enjoy the excitement as they plan their home remodel projects. However, all the enthusiasm may be distracting at the beginning, and you may forget some important items. For a successful project, you need accurate, in-home measurements as part of the planning process. Poor measurements can affect everything, such as how much material to buy and cost estimates.

Before buying anything, start by calling the Carpet Man for a high-quality, in-home measurement. We offer this service so your remodel goes well. We want to help you avoid any delays from unexpected problems. If you are a resident of Indianapolis, there is a Carpet Man location near you. We offer friendly, professional customer service. In addition, our workers can give you tips for keeping your plans on track. We are a quick phone call away from helping you with your project, or we can provide you with online support as well.

How will you benefit from an in-home measurement?

It may seem like a good way to save money by doing the work yourself. However, doing this the right way takes the right tools. Accurate measurements will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. Perhaps your neighbor recently bought a new refrigerator. But when it was delivered, it was too large for its space. Unfortunately, that refrigerator most likely got sent back to the retailer. Another common mistake includes taking measurements that do not match the ones provided by the maker. Our service staff has that know-how, and they will provide you with the information you need.

We offer free estimates, and we will give you the information you need to help you decide whether an in-home measurement will benefit you or not. Our measurement service includes:

  • A licensed worker to take the in-home measurement.
  • Exact, reliable dimensions of each room in your home.
  • A written statement with all of the dimensions of your home.
  • The convenience of an appointment at home.
  • Easy appointments that work around your schedule.
  • Professional tips to help you with your remodel.
  • Affordable pricing.

We offer competitive pricing and flexible appointments. Get your remodel on the right track with a professional in-home measurement. This will help prevent expensive mistakes such as buying too little or too much material, oversized or undersized appliances, and much more.

Give us a call or use our website to make an appointment. Our customers trust The Carpet Man to provide accurate service at an affordable price. Call (317) 350-0212 to get started today.

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